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Authentic Kung Fu Training

Syracuse Kung Fu teaches traditional Southern Shaolin Temple Hung Ga Kung Fu in upstate New York. Classes are taught by Sifu Sharif A. Bey, 4th generation from China's hero Wong Fei Hung, and disciple of NY Chinatown's Master Frank Yee


Hung Ga is known for its devastating close-range hand techniques, and is based on 5-animal (Tiger, Crane, Dragon, Snake, & Leopard) and 5-element (Earth, Water, Fire, Gold, Wood) techniques. Hung Ga Kung Fu combines both hard and soft power for a complete health and self-defense system of internal power and mental focus.

We understand that no two students are alike, and thus gear teaching to the individual while still offering challenge and goals. We help men, women, and children train to develop mind, body, and spirit, and offer the potential for unlimited physical and mental growth. 

Syracuse Kung Fu offers the only fully qualified Kung Fu training in Syracuse and upstate New York, including (but not limited to) the following classes: Mixed group classes, women's classes, kids classes, private lessons, open gym time, and basic self-defense workshops. We have training classes in traditional Kung Fu forms, Kung Fu weapons, Qi Gong, and sparring/fight training.

Verified Lineage

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At SKF you learn from a long line of verified Kung Fu Masters.

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Head of School:

Sifu Sharif A. Bey  (Yee Sa Fu)


Sifu Sharif is 4th generation from China's hero, Wong Fei Hung, and direct disciple of Grand Master Frank Yee. Sifu Sharif began his martial arts training at age 5, studying Tai Kwon Do and Wing Chun Kung Fu. He was introduced to Hung Ga Kung Fu in 1984. In 1989 Sifu Bey met and began following Grandmaster Yee Chee Wai (Frank Yee). After years of dedicated study, practice and participation, Sifu Sharif was invited to participate in the Bai Si ceremony and in 2000 became a disciple of Grandmaster 'Frank' Yee Chee Wai. In 2000 Sifu Sharif began to teach in Syracuse, and the Syracuse branch was opened in 2004. As an avid supporter of community and youth, Sifu Sharif has designed a number of local programs on gang intervetion and conflict resolution for youth. Through Sifu Sharif, Syracuse Kung Fu is the only complete Chinese martial arts school in the Central New York area, offering barehand and weapons training, traditional lion dancing, philosophy/martial ethics, internal development, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Sifu Bey also runs The Sagala Institute, which was founded for the exploration and study of self-initiated accelerated evolution by way of systematic bio-energetic enhancement, known in the Far East as the "Primary Elixir".  The Institute's fundamental ideology is a concept called UNIFIED FIELD FITNESS. By appointment only. 

Full Instructors


Kain Martin

Dave Katz

Benjamin Weber

Kyle Wooten

Jerry Martin

Assistant Instructors


Kai Gibson
Kenneth Wagner
Joe Kondratowicz 
Aqilah Shabazz Palmer
Jed Hudson
Chris Wildrick 
Alvin Mathews
Gabriel Cuello
Jerome Griffin

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"The other day, I was thinking about life since I met you and starting coming to the school. And i realized that I got what I've been looking for my whole life, acceptance. When you got on your hands and knees in front of me it didn't matter that you wanted 10 and I could only do 5 , but if I worked to failure doing those 5. That conversation pops in my head when things trouble me. Meeting you and being part of this school really has changed me and my life for the better."

     -Sharon S, student since 2016

Sharon's before (starting Kung Fu) and after shot.

"Syracuse Kung Fu is a great school for people who have never tried martial arts, and people with years of experience. It teaches traditional Hung-ga Kung Fu in both breadth and depth. Sifu Sharif Bey is not only a master of his art, but a master teacher as well: he knows how to communicate the most subtle and challenging ideas and movements to his students. If he can train someone as uncoordinated as me, he can train anyone! He’ll push you to achieve new levels in your techniques and your confidence. This is the place if you want to learn traditional kung fu in all its applications."

     -Chris W, student since 2009.

"April/May of 2016 I joined Sifu (Sharif Bey) Personal Training Class, I thought it was the best thing ever. Seven/Eight months later I told Sifu I had a new goal. I told him I no longer wanted to do the Personal Training Class, there was a pause lol. I told him at the beginning of 2017 I will be joining his Kung fu Class. A year later Sifu's classes transformed my body in ways I would never believe inside and out. It made me a stronger, healthier and more powerful woman. I now have a long-term goals and that is to continue with Yee's Hung-Ga international Kung Fu Association with my Sifu Sharif Bey. I can't THANK YOU enough."

     -Michelle R, student since 2016.

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