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Dat Mo Yit Gung Ging (Dat Mo’s Muscle Changing Classic) Workshop

Presented By Master Frank Yee on November 22, 2020

Yit Gung Ging (Yi Jin Jing in Mandarin) arose from the Sound Crane Fist style of the Bak Hohk (Fukien White Crane) Style. The Sound Crane Fist was founded by the late Ching Dynasty Bak Hohk Kuen Master, Lum Sai Hom and his student Jeh Sung Cheung. It was created from the foundation of the White Crane style. This style uses the Intention for the Spirit and utilizes the sound to force the Qi and the Qi to force the Ging. (similar the Iron Wire Fist). The sound uses the “Ha” Qi methods; nose inhale and the mouth exhales (Stomach Breathing method). The particularity of the Yit Gung Ging (Yi Jin Jing) is the intention uses sound to force the Qi and Qi to Force the Ging… The Ging comes from the waist to create a very strong Springing type Ging. This is the Sound Crane Fist’s specialty, which is called Jung Ging (Original Ging). There is an old saying, “The Crane methods all rely on the swinging and the Jung Ging. Swing means being soft to absorb the ging. Jung is hard to spring the Ging. They both require that the hard and soft must correspond when exploding the power, like the bow sending out the arrow. 

When you release the hand, it is like cotton, when you train the Yit Gung Ging (Yi Jin Jing) your head has to face to the east to absorb the beneficial essence of the sun (Red Infrared Radiation) and concentrate and clear the mind, adjust your breathing and train the High, Middle and Low  Dantiens. The three Dantiens train specific skills: Upper trains Spirit (Sun) Middle trains the Breath (Hei) and the Lower trains the Sperm and Energy (Jing).

Bending and rotating the wrists in and out, bending the body down and moving it up, strengthen the Kidneys and sends the Qi to the Dantien. This is the preparational movement for creating the Internal Ging.

Golden Turtle Post Position (Gum Gwai Sik)

   Front Golden Turtle - is used to train the whole body’s Yang Channels

   Back Golden Turtle - is used to train the whole body’s Yin channels

The Gold turtle uses the basic foundation training method of utilizing the intention to cause the Excitation or application of energy to the system’s circulation in the Meridians (Jing Luo) and channels as well harmonizing the Qi and Blood circulation in those channels. Harmonizing the blood and Qi benefits your health and balances and unifies the yin and yang Meridians (Jing Luo). This is the basic post position to train the Internal Ging.

Holding the Urn (Pouh Yat Sik) - increases the three hand yin channels area’s Internal Ging which is at the Finger, palm, elbow, wrist and shoulder. 

3. Holding the Golden Basin (Pun Gam Puhn) - Increases the Ging of the wrist. Intention is placed at the Hand, three Yang Channels

4) Jade Rabbit Faces to China (Yuhk Tou Jung Wah) - Strengthens the waist and Kidneys, sinks Qi to Dan Tien, adjusts the breathing and trains the High, Middle and Low Dantiens. It also trains the Jing (Essence), Hei (Breath/Qi) and Sun (Spirit). Your elbows and wrists turn in and out, rotating, as your body leans down and moves up using the stomach breathing method. This is a basic foundation exercise for creating the Internal Ging.

5/6) Immortal Crane Stretches Claw (Sin Hohk Syu Jaau) and Clever Cat Catches Mouse (Linhg Maau Bauh Syu) - to train the Rotating, Turning and Squeezing Ging, the Yin and Yang Palm, the Short Whip and the Crane’s Pecking Ging. 

7. Whipping the Hand Left and Right (Joh Yauh Yeung Bin) - to train the Yang Palm Whipping Ging

8. White Ape Pushes Palm (Bahk Yuhn Toi Jeung) - To train the Yin Palm

9. Swallow Shoots into Clouds (Yin Chyun Wahn) - to train removing a wrist grab

10. Carry a Lamb (Seuhn Hin Yeuhng) - to train the Banging Methods of the Shoulder, Back and Hip.  These along with the head, knee and elbow are the the famous Hung Ga’s Six Banging Method.

11. Python Turns Over the Body (Geuih Mohng Fun San). Strengthens the Kidney and waist. It also trains the Bil Jee to unify the Yin and Yang Ging to create power.

12. Elephant Swings his Head (Jeung Yiu Tauh) - to train the left and right Chopping Ging, unifying the three Yin and three Yang hand channels, to create the Internal Chopping Ging.

We look forward to seeing all of you online for the Dat Mo workshop on Sunday, November 22nd, 2020

Grand Master Frank Yee, Founder

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