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Grand Opening Celebration a Huge Success!

On June 11, 2018, Syracuse Kung Fu (SKF) celebrated its grand opening of the new downtown location on S Warren street. Over 130 people came to celebrated with SKF, from five different countries.

The celebrations included honoring the ancestors, lion dancing to bring good luck to the new location, and demonstrations of forms by a multitude of Kung Fu Masters from many different styles. Guests shared how exciting it was to see so many different styles exhibited, and yet to see how they all share the same common foundations.

One of the most impressive aspects of the day was the camaraderie. Kung Fu brother and sisters from many schools came together to celebrate the art regardless of style and school.

Steve, a member of Syracuse Kung Fu stated:

I was astounded by the overwhelming sense of ‘family’ that occurred throughout the entire day. There was no delineation of style, tenure and / or rank... we are as Sigung said, ‘All one Martial Arts Family!’

Grand Master Frank Yee attended, and opened the celebration with a speech about being humble, and always being willing to learn more regardless of your rank or level because learning Kung Fu is a life-long commitment, and that you can always improve who are you are and how your practice the art.

Syracuse Kung Fu and Sifu Sharif Bey were honored that so many came to celebrate this occasion.

Sifu Sharif stated:

Having the support of my Sifu, training brothers, and the visiting masters was both amazing and confirming. It gave Downtown Syracuse a glimpse into the richness and value of what we have to offer. Syracuse Kung Fu is truly open for business.

Among the visitors we were honored to host were:

Sifu Joe Lau-Hung Ga (Buffalo NY)

Sifu Michael Schaeffer-Hung Ga (Harrisburg PA)

Sifu Allen Wong-Long Fist (Albany NY)

Sifu William Luciano, Pai Lum (Albany NY)

Sifu Derek Johnson, Jow Ga (Columbia MD)

Sifu Alex Lim, Jow Ga (Baltimore MD)

Hanshi Frankie MItchell, Goju Ryu (Syracuse NY)

Hanshi Donald Williams, Goju Ryu (Syracuse NY),

Guro Eric Winfree, Jeet Kune Do (Syracuse NY),

Sifu Anthony Iglesias, Wing Chun (Syracuse NY)

Sifu Randy Elliott, Kuntao (Syracuse NY)

Sifu Robin Young, Hung Ga (Toronto Canada)

Sifu Ian Chow, Choy Lee Fut (Toronto Canada)


A special thanks to Felicity Lo for the amazing photographs.

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