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Hello Everyone, I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy. 

With travel restrictions still in place, we will continue to push forward with our growth and knowledge. Grandmaster Frank Yee has decided to continue to open the testing and workshops up to all Juniors and Seniors of any branch of the entire association with the online format. There are several test and workshop dates coming up over the next several months. Although they are held in different countries, all World Branches are encouraged to attend.  The online dates will be:

Saturday, September 12th - USA Testing and Senior Seminar

9:00 am: Senior Seminar: Yuen Ling’s Fifth Brother Eight Diagram Pole “Part 5”

12:00pm: Junior and Senior Testing

Saturday September 19th – Brazil Testing

9:00am (NYC Time): Senior Seminar: The Shadowless Kick

12:30 pm (NYC Time): Junior Seminar: (Whole Body Ging) from the Gung Ji Form

Saturday October 3rd & 4th - UK Branches Junior and Senior Seminars

Saturday October 3rd

9:00 am (NYC Time): Senior Seminar the Iron Wire Form Part 2

Sunday October 4th

9:00 am (NYC Time): Junior Seminar 13 Key Points of Gung Ji

Saturday October 17th UK 

9:00 am (NYC Time): Headquarters Junior and Senior Testing

All testing and workshops will be done online. Message us for more information.

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