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Results of the 2nd 2016 World Hung Kuen Championships

Updated: Apr 11, 2018

Kyle Wooten from the Syracuse Kung Fu branch of Yee's Hung Ga competed in the International in China.

The entire Yee's team did fantastic! Thank you to my sifu, Grandmaster Frank Yee Chi Wai and elder training brother, Master Pedro Cepero Yee for leading our team.

Website for the World Hung Kuen Championships:

Results of the 2016 World Hung Kuen Championships "Full Contact Fighting" Division

65-70 Kilos

Gold - Franklin George- Yee's Hung Ga- São Paulo, Brazil


Silver - Mao Cong - Yee's Hung Ga Shenzhen China


Bronze - Sifu Richard Leutz -Lam Family, Brazil


70-74.99 Kilo's

Gold- Philip Horey - Yee's Hung Ga, Edinburgh UK


Silver - Jose Baeza Jr. - Yee's Hung Ga, Clifton NJ USA


Bronze - Liu Ai Zhong - Yee's Hung Ga, Shenzhen, China

80 + Kilos

Gold - Kyle Wooten - Yee's Hung Ga- Syracuse, NY, USA


Silver - Chrysogelos Stylianos,- Hung Kuen Heraklion - Crete , Greece


The next World Hung Kuen Championship will be November 2018.



#洪拳 #洪家拳



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