Adult Kung Fu

Much more than a challenging workout, Our Adult Kung Fu program is a comprehensive learning institution, teaching in a graded fashion the Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu style of the famous Hung Family of Southern China. Our qualified instructors will immerse you into the deepness of the ancient Chinese Martial world, Barehand and Weapons Combat, History, Philosophy, Medicine, and Martial Etiquette, with certification at each level done personally by our Head Grandmaster from China, Grandmaster Frank Yee Chee Wai. The term “Martial” means “military,” and authentic military training has and is always exclusive. 


This program is for those that wish to pursue the Martial Arts as a way of life.  In addition to the health benefits and increased self-protection abilities, Traditional Kung Fu training develops a connection to your inner strength, allowing you to stay calm in the midst of instability and confusion. Enjoy weight reduction and a dramatic increase in strength and speed, but also mental clarity and focus, stress relief and increased productivity.​ And of course we have our Satisfaction Guarantee for all of our web specials. If you’re not completely satisfied we’ll refund 100% of your money, so there’s no risk.


Your New Kung Fu Family 

Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu -- Learn barehand street fighting barehand street fighting, self-defense,  weapons combat, history, philosophy, medicine and Lion Dance. Get in Shape and feel great.

Kids' Kung Fu

Dear Parent,

It takes a village to raise a child.  Our Kids' Kung Fu classes provide you with REAL solutions to social issues children face:










Also, we realize that Kung Fu may not be a good fit for one out of ten children, so we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If after a few classes you feel this isn’t the thing for your child simply let us know and we’ll refund you in full. So there’s no risk.


Strong Children 

Bully-proof your child.
Give your child confidence, fitness, fun, self-defense, focus and a sense of belonging, all in a family-like environment. Learn more about the kids' kung fu classes and specials.

Team Bangout: Fight Club


Join the Fight Club!


By Sifu's invitation to practicing members:


Are you up for the challenge? Our Internationally-recognized full-contact sport fight team will QUICKLY toughen you up and ready you for the platform or ring.

Chinese Bioenergetics / QiGong

Chinese Yoga/Bioenergetics


Learn and enjoy the benefits of Meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong/Internal Therapeutics.


Reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase energy and productivity, and develop Radiant Health.



Workout & Weight Loss

Feel safe and get in shape! Iso-Kinetics and Cardio are combined to sculpt your body and boost self-esteem while learning life-saving skills. Make friends, enjoy the burn, and have a blast!


Get Fit Today!

Lose Weight

Feel Great

Get Strong

Relieve Stress

Make New Friends

Women's Self-Defense Course


Learn to defend yourself. 

Lion Dancing

The only authentic lion dance team in upstate New York. Book a Lion Dance for your local event.


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